Do you want to come to our Bungalow or to another holiday destination, maybe if you travel with your puppy by plane, but you are not informed about the rules?

Here you can find some useful information to allow you to take all family members on holiday with you!

For all pet lovers: so for those for whom traveling with them is essential, here are some practical tips, because the holidays are more fun with your dog in tow!

To all effects more and more airline companies (not yet low cost companies), are allowing you to bring puppies on flight.
But there are no fixed rules and every company has its own laws.

• UP TO 7/8 KG

You can bring both dogs and cats into the cabin with a carrier of specific dimensions and that change depending on the flight company (but must be spacious enough to allow the puppy to turn around, resistant and well ventilated, and the bottom must be absolutely waterproof). Inside the carriage the dog should not be tied, but remember to bring with you always muzzle and leash.


Also in this case it can accompany you on the plane for free, but remaining on a leash and with a muzzle! You have to keep it at your feet for the entire duration of the flight.


This xxl sizes won’t be allowed to come with you, but will be placed in reinforced cages, with water and food (make sure that food won’t give problems during the trip).
Remember to attach the personal details of the dog to the cage.


Some companions unfortunately do not accept some dog breeds that are considered potentially dangerous, for example Bull terrier, Dobermann, Tibetan Mastiff, Pitt bull, etc.
Importantly: make sure your puppy doesn’t belong to this category.


In addition it is important to remember that dogs traveling in the European Union must have a passport certifying that all mandatory vaccinations have been made. In some countries additional vaccinations are required so I suggest you to control with the embassy of that country.

The most important thing: Bring them with you in our Arco bungalows! 🙂