Dear guest,

We want to reassure you about the last events regarding Corona Virus. There is a mass-media overexposure, which leads to an over-concerning about the virus entity.

In case you are thinking about a cancellation, we give you some important informations:

–      The cancellation policy agreed upon reservation will remain the same even though you decide to cancel your booking later and if this emergency situation persists.

–      In quality of tourist industry operators, and also as Italian and European citizens, we follow the national and international news about the Corona Virus situation. Our Government has adopted very strict measures in order to reach a fully controlled situation soon.

–      We suggest you to believe only in certified information and to contact us if you have any doubt: we will be ready to answer you and to forward you the official declaration of our health authorities.

–      The life situation in Eraclea Mare is absolutely normal and we are keeping on programming next season 2020 and its events.

Therefore, we suggest you to think about a possible cancellation of your booking later in time, in a more aware and quiet mood. There will not be any additional costs in addition to the ones already agreed.

Kind regards

Adriabella Team