11th Edition of the Fair “IN AUTUMN: FRUITS, WATER AND CASTLES – A magical link between history, fantasy, skills and natural environment” will be held at Castles of Strassoldo di Sopra and di Sotto (commune di Cervignano del Friuli, Province of Udine, Italy) 18th and 19th October, 2008 (from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

On the 18th and 19 October 2008 the ancients castles of Strassoldo, still inhabited by the same family that built them more than a thousand years ago, will open their doors for the eleventh edition of the fascinating show “In Autunno: Frutti, Acque e Castelli” (“In Autumn: Fruits, Water and Castles”).


Organised by the owners Gabriella and Ombretta di Strassoldo, the event has also got a Springtime twin (held on the week-end before Easter) and is a “must” appointment for those loving magical atmospheres and refined proposals. The visitors will have access to the private halls of both castles, where they will find Italian and foreign skilled artisans (many of which will work on the spot gold, silver, precious stones, leather, wire and glass), artists, decorators and antiquarians with their latest proposals and to the century-old parks, that in their Autumn glory will be slowly preparing themselves for the winter sleep. The park of the “Castello di Sopra” (Upper Castle) will be part of the fair itinerary and host several selected plant nurseries whilst the park of the “Castello di Sotto” (Lower Castle) will not be included in the itinerary but it will be possible to visit it on a specific schedule.

The event includes lovely decorations and many novelties among which the presentation of the restoration works of the ancient rice mill, which will be part of the itinerary. Lying in the spring-water area of the Friulan Lowlands, the castles and their medieval “borgo” are a beautiful rarity. The ancient walls have the fascinating flair of a centre which witnessed the most important historical events that touched this area since Roman times. This magical atmosphere is increased by a splendid natural environment, which gave birth, in the Seventeenth Century, to the castles’ beautiful gardens with their limpid streams, rare plants, ancient trees and ornaments. Owing to their high quality, the thousands of visitors they attract from all over Europe and the involvement of many other local operators, the Strassoldo shows have become an important factor for the Regional economy.

Cost of the ticket: € 10, which includes the entrance to: the halls of the “Castello di Sotto” (Lower Castles) and its “Folador” (Granary), the halls of the “Castello di Sopra (Upper Castles) and its “Vicinia” (medieval administrative house), its “Pileria del riso” (rice mill), its “Cancelleria” (Archives) and its park. The park of the “Castello di Sotto” (Lower Castles) is not included in the ticket but may be visited as indicated in the list of collateral events. Children under 5 years of age do not pay, whilst those from 6 to 12 years old pay € 4. 10% discount for groups of at least 25 people.

Note: the payment of a ticket is a guarantee for a safer and more tranquil visit of the internal areas and an aid for the preservation of the castles. It is renown that it is extremely difficult to maintain these complexes, so the owners who organise high quality events like these should, therefore, be encouraged, not only because they open their homes to the public and work hard, but also because they offer exhibitors a wonderful frame and give a considerable boost to the local economy.