The real Glamping
is here

An amazing Beach & Country resort

Short said, Glamping is luxury style camping. Or nature, space, confort and luxus. We have choosen to offer only 15 spots, some with luxury tent, some with woody smart home. Here you can feel the farm land, the front beach with the adriatic sea, our trees and the pinewood dunes. Here you can have your place where to relax, enjoy and experience. Here is the real glamping.

Book now to reserve the best luxury tent or smart home

Yes we know that you wanted more. But we could not.
Only 15 places, only 15 spots, only 15 families.
This is our Glamping. That’s it.

Family Space & Fun

This is a place for everyone.
Find your attitude, find your soul.

A safe resort for children

Children feel safe here. No cars, no worries. Let them go and explore the sorroundings.

Balance your life

We know how stressful can be, that’s why we call it vacation. Nature, movement, family and fun.

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Do you think it’s not the right moment? Well think again. Book now and get the best offer.

Explore! You will love it.

The green and the nature
The sea and the sandy beach
The trees and the farm.
Choose your best view, then enjoy and relax.

The Most Beautiful Suite
Say hello to your Home

Make your family happy

A perfect holiday house or your home away from home. We call it the happy experience, you can name it a wonderful holiday. This was made for you, and we want you to enjoy every single moment of it.

This Is One Amazing Holiday

Don’t look around too much. We are the only glamping nearby Venice. Avoid the holiday vacation villages with hundreds of pitches, and come to a real farmholiday with only 15 pitches instead. Enjoy, relax, retreat

Enjoy the full Experience

Yes, a Glamping is something different from the norm, and by Dune is something VERY different. Enjoy the pool, relax at the beach, lie under the sun on your roof terrace or giant ammock. This is a new experience, something you cannot forget.

A Fantastic Holiday

Loud and Noise not included

So hurry up and book now, as we have only a few luxury tents and wood smart homes available for the summer.

Choose Your Favorite Style

Don’t know what to choose? Well we have two styles, the tent and the wood.
Both very leisure, both very relaxing. Now it’s up to you!

The Luxury Tent

The Wood Smart Home

Cozy Accommodations

It doesn’t mean you should bring everything from home. Relax, this spot is ready for you

Explore! You will love it

On the adriatic coast. Sea, beach and country.
Between historical Caorle and funny Jesolo.
Nearby artistic Venice. Do you need more?

Discover our best May offer for you

Think you cannot afford it? Think again.
We have good news for the families and our friends.
Please see below our Pre season 2018 offer. May is always sunny and hot.


from €99€77


from €140€120

Beach & Family Resort

Yes we are just that. A small resort for families with children. The beach is in front, the green is all around.

GLAMorous camPING

Glamping is all about space and nature. And luxury and services. Confort and relax are here!

Take your time

A leasure holiday, a lazy vacation, a quiet retreat. Decide for yourself, we’ll give you the ingredients…

Now available, book online!

Remember we have only 15 spots, and nothing more.
The sooner you book, the better you stay.

Find your perfect retreat

Need more info about Dune glamping resort? Please head over to our main website adriabella and look for yourself.

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Did you know that Adriabella offers also good wines and tasty food from the farm? Now you can have them home.